It’s with great pride that we present the attribution, for the fourth year in a row, of the PME Excellence Status 2016 (an initiative of IAPMEI) to ENESCOORD.

The companies that annually distinguish themselves with the PME Excellence constitute an orientation model which is followed by other success seeking companies.

More than financial strength which is guaranteed by the status’ strict criteria, the PME Excellence implies a strategic management which is oriented towards competitiveness and sustainable growth.

About Enescoord

We are an independent company of consultants, engineers and specialists that offers a wide range of professional services in real estate investment – new, in rehabilitation and in use.

Priming in our identity, competencies, transparency and honesty, we are proud of what we do on daily basis. Whilst working with partners, we overlook the efforts and concentrate on working towards the final goal.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is defined by our hands-on work-ethic – to apply the knowledge gathered through years of experience and the best practices; to be pragmatic and to look for an excellent end result that pleases our clients and partners.
Our vision lies on the opportunities to contribute in exceeding excellence at the end of our projects.

Guaranteeing Quality

We are a certified corporation by the NP EN ISO 9001 norm, since 2006, which assures the quality of our services.

Managing Environmental Quality

We are an environmentally responsible company, certified by the NP EN ISO 14001 norm, with specialists in sustainability of built environment who assured our environmental awareness. 

Managing Health and Safety at Work

We are abiding by the norm OSHAS 18001, with a risk assessment system to identify any outstanding risks and how to eliminate and minimize them.

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Project Management

Our services rely on the work of engineers and architects combined, which allow an evaluation of the various propositions indorsed by a team of senior engineers - with vast professional experience and transversal key competencies within the construction business for any size building.
Our meetings and informal discussions of technical solutions’ analysis and integration of architecture are based on the matured critical thinking throughout the years by the different engineering specialists, supported by the senior team members in charge of managing and supervising the construction of buildings. 

Specialized projects

Foundations and Structures
Water supply, Sewer and Pluvial, and Fire networks
Electrical installations and integrated security (Controlled access, CCTV and Intrusion)
Telecommunication infrastructure in buildings (ITED), allotments, urbanization and condominium (ITUR)
Studies of Natural and artificial lighting and decorative lighting
Mechanical installations: Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) – including smoke extraction systems and controlled fumes
Building Management Systems
Fire Safety
Acoustic and Electroacoustic
Licensing and Energetic Certification in residential buildings (REH) and commercial and services buildings (RECS)
Industrial installations
Health and Safety Compliance plans in the project and construction phase
Waste Construction Management plans
Renewable Energies: Solar Power and Photovoltaic
Geotermic Studies
Studies Sustainable buildings of high energetic performance
Sustainable Construction Environmental studies

Management of Works and Projects

In the past few years, we have been assuming all the phases within our projects – starting with the estimates of global investments’ costs - supporting the Owner with investment decisions with the team’s technical competencies and transversal to construction.
In particular, in the areas of urban rehabilitation and hospitality, we make technical evaluations of buildings to either rehabilitate or change of use as a support of our estimates and validate our investors’ investments.

Management, Coordination and Inspection

Our projects in this field follow 3 steps: (1) Pre-Construction Stage, (2) Construction Stage and (3) Post-Construction Stage

The Pre-Construction Stage corresponds to the following:
Project Coordination with (1) coordination of licensing and executing projects, (2) Verification projects, (3) Monitoring licenses according to the entities and authorities, (4) submission of this stage’s reports and (5) obtaining the construction license.
Presenting and analysing proposals, including the elaboration of the final report.

The Construction Stage corresponds to the following:
Coordinating and Supervising Construction constituted by (1) the follow-up and inspection of on-site construction, (2) Meetings to clarify the Constructions’ and results, (3) Monitoring the health and safety conditions at the worksite, (4) Supervising the contractors’ resources and their respective teams;
Contract management and control of measurements and certifications;
Analysis and approval of materials and equipment, and other outstanding and on-going assignments in the execution of a construction work assuring the supervision of projects.
Commissioning and trial validation
Closing accounts, provisional reception and following-up the lists of missing parts
Obtaining the usage permit

The Post-Construction Stage corresponds to the following:
Technical compilation, including the analysis of final blueprints, conduction manuals of installations and technical catalogues
Release of the final project report


Energy certification and auditing

We are recognized in the market by our technical competences and ability to respond to various and simultaneous audits, with a vast portfolio of small, medium and large buildings, with several shopping centers, one casino, hospitals, hotels, retailers, big apartment blocks and a few houses.
As a company, we are working on different energy audits for big energy consumers (CIE), where we also prepare an energetic diagnosis in a large cellar – amongst others.
Our team is multidisciplinary with SGCIE auditors and qualified experts with recognized experience.
We acknowledge that in all audits various energy-saving-opportunities come across – in some cases, the behavioral change and functioning adjustments of installations and implementation of management systems of energy and energy-related costs.

Required equipment for energy audits

We have available a wide range of equipment:

24 Energy Network Analyzers
1 device for measuring land and continuous protection
6 data-loggers for measuring temperature and humidity
2 anemometer (80mm turbine and hot-wire)
1 Caudalimeter and anemometer
1 Infrared thermometer
1 hygrometer thermometer
1 Infrared camera
3 Laser measurement devices
3 Lux Meters
4 Clamp Meter
2 Multimeter
2 Devices for glass thickness measurement
2 Sets of multifunction equipment for air quality audits
1 device for measuring dust on surfaces – including conducts for inspection
Software licenses for buildings energy simulation
Simulation software for natural and artificial lighting 



PME Leader and PME Excellence​ 

Enescoord has been awarded in the past four years in its performance and quality with the merit award PME EXCELLENCE and Leader, and stands out for being part of the group of companies with the best performances and risk profiles in the context of the national business structure.

Quality Certification Environment and Safety​

In 2013 we renewed the quality certification with the reference NP EN ISO 9001: 2008, Environmental Management (NP EN ISO 14001: 2004) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001: 2007).


General Manager of Quality LNEC, Certificate No. 08/2016​ 

Enescoord has renewed the certificate of Quality General Manager LNEC,
In class 7 of Buildings and Heritage Constructed in class 5 in Roadways, Urbanization and Other Infrastructures



Headquarters - Porto

Rua da Torrinha, 75
R / C Dto
4050-611 Porto

Phone +351 22 339 58 10
Fax +351 22 339 58 19

Delegation – Lisboa

Av. Nuno Krus Abecassis
Bloco C2, Loja 30A
1750-488 Lisboa

Phone +351 217 551 188
Fax +351 217 551 951

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