1st phase – Project Management – Designs Stage

  • Scope establishing with Client and other Stakeholders
  • Design team leadership – defining objectives and schedule, establishing a communication plan, meetings appointment and reports
  • Licensing advisory
  • Risk management – avoiding unrealistic time and cost estimates, budget cuts, changing requirements
  • Global investment defining and tracking
  • Early assessments of the first drafts of every Design
  • Verifying the legal compliance of all Designs – Licensing Stage
  • Identifying limitations of Designs and general technical solutions assessment
  • Design assessment – Execution Stage: Drawings, Specifications, WBS (work breakdown structure)
  • Cost Estimate evaluation – Suggest possible solutions, materials and construction processes to optimize
    the designs
  • Designs validation for tendering

2nd phase – Pre Constrution Stage – Tendering + Contract

  • Defining Procurement Strategy
  • Organization of the tendering process – specifications, requirements, general conditions
  • Procurement launch
  • Tender comparatives and analysis
  • Procurement results Report
  • Shortlist negotiation
  • Support the Client in final negotiation
  • Support the Client in Contract preparation and Contract signing

3rd phase – Construction Stage

The construction stage requires absolute knowledge of the contracted works, and the control of all civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing techniques, accordingly to the methodologies defined in our Procedures Manual within the implementation of our Quality Management System.
This requires permanently assessment and documenting all construction works, particularly in the following

  • Monitoring all preparatory work and analysis of constructive solutions and the materials proposed by the contractor
  • Concentrate all the communication between stakeholders – Client, Contractor, Designers, Legal Entities
  • Promote and lead weekly site meetings with the Contractor, producing Minutes of Meeting (MoM)
  • Detailed surveying of all the works carried out by the Contractor, controlling the quantities, costs and quality
  • Monitoring all the established deadlines, as well as the economic and financial status of the contract, by comparing the estimates based on the work done with the contractual construction planning
  • Supervision the work in progress, the used materials, processes, equipment and solutions adopted by the Contractor, marking sure all are accordingly to the conditions and specifications established in the Contract and Designs
  • Environmental monitoring of construction waste disposal
  • Manage all the Design changes, and its consequences in schedule and costs
  • Photographic Schedule of the most significant works
  • Monthly detailed reports to the Client, describing the progress of the works, including planning and financial status
  • Commissioning facilities, equipment and systems
  • Warranty period preparation – “Recepção Provisória”

4th phase – Post Construction Stage – Project Closeout

  • Project Closeout
  • Validation of the As Built Plans
  • Technical Compilation
  • Administrative and technical monitoring of communication with Public Entities – City Hall, DGEG, ANPC, etc.
  • Manage every step until obtaining all the necessary Use Permits – Porto City Hall
  • Manage the final Delivery and Occupancy
  • Project Completion Report