Quality Policy

The Management System is for Enescoord – Coordination Management of Projects and Works, Lda, a strategic factor that allows the recognition of the company in the market, in order to ensure the satisfaction of the needs, expectations and requirements of the our customers and respecting the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001 Standards.

For the organization’s success, the company’s global response is decisive, with the involvement of management with the objectives of continuous improvement, rigor, commitment, zeal, diligence, having as main guidelines:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Compliance with the requirements specified and agreed with customers;
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, within the scope of Quality, Safety and Environment associated with the activities carried out;
  • The prevention of risks, injuries and accidents at work for our employees;
  • The search for continuous improvement of skills, qualifying and raising awareness, and the quality of service provision;
  • The control of significant environmental aspects, and the minimization of the organization’s environmental impacts with a view to protecting the environment including preventing pollution;
  • The existence of openness for the participatory involvement of employees;
  • The search for continuous improvement of the Management System;
  • The promotion of a controlled management of the costs associated with the company’s various activities, as a way of guaranteeing its sustained development;
  • Allocate the technical, financial and human resources necessary for the implementation and maintenance of the Management System.


Enescoord has been consecutively awarded over the last few years for its performance and quality with the PME EXCELLENCE and Leader merit award, and stands out for being part of the group of companies with the best performances and profiles of risk in the context of the national business structure.

Enescoord renewed the LNEC Quality General Manager certificate, in class 7 of Buildings and Built Heritage in class 5 in Communication Routes, Urbanization Works and Other Infrastructures.