In the past few years, we have been assuming all the phases within our projects – starting with the estimates of global investments’ costs – supporting the Owner with investment decisions with the team’s technical competencies and transversal to construction.
In particular, in the areas of urban rehabilitation and hospitality, we make technical evaluations of buildings to either rehabilitate or change of use as a support of our estimates and validate our investors’ investments.

Pre-Construction Stage:

01. Project Coordination with:

  1. coordination of licensing and executing projects;
  2. Verification projects;
  3. Monitoring licenses according to the entities and authorities;
  4. submission of this stage’s reports and;
  5. obtaining the construction license;

02. Presenting and analysing proposals, including the elaboration of the final report.

03. Contract management and control of measurements and certifications.

04. Analysis and approval of materials and equipment, and other outstanding and on-going assignments in the execution of a construction work assuring the supervision of projects.

05. Commissioning and trial validation.

06. Closing accounts, provisional reception and following-up the lists of missing parts.

06. Obtaining the usage permit

Construction Stage:

01. Coordinating and Supervising Construction constituted by:

  1. the follow-up and inspection of on-site construction;
  2. Meetings to clarify the Constructions’ and results;
  3. Monitoring the health and safety conditions at the worksite;
  4. Supervising the contractors’ resources and their respective teams;

Post-Construction Stage:

01. Technical compilation, including the analysis of final blueprints, conduction manuals of installations and technical catalogues.

02. Release of the final project report.