Moradia Estoril

This work relating to a luxury house located in the best area of S. João do Estoril, on the restrictive lane that doesn’t confine with neither the train tracks nor the marginal highway.



Descrição da Empreitada

Construction of single family house in Estoril

Serviços Prestados

Monitoring, Contract Inspection and Security Coordination

Área Bruta de Construção



3 Floors

The intervention basis was a house under-construction that was sold with only a reinforced concrete structure (under ground floor and 3 floors above ground). Thenceforth the structural reinforcement was done, involving and finishing work, including all the infrastructures. Apart from the conventional specialties in this sort of job, Enescoord worked in revising the domotics project and sound installation.
Enescoord has registered the complex licensing process – completed by now – and we had a key importance in obtaining the usage license.

The lot has on its west side the sea, having a pool on the first row and a gym close to the breaker zone.
Enescoord has apart from the coordination and on-site monitoring, had as well the on-site safety coordination function.