Edifício Sousa Rosa

Residential building in Foz do Porto, with an under-ground parking, ground floor with a 3-bedroom apartment, four floors with one 2-bedroom apartment and one 3-bedroom apartment per floor, and a PISO RECUADO for a 3-bedroom apartment with tilted roof.



Descrição da Empreitada

Building of Multifamiliar Building in Rua Dr. Sousa Rosa in Porto

Serviços Prestados

Monitoring, Contract Supervision and Coordination of Safety and Environment in Construction

Área Bruta de Construção



R/C + 5 Floors

This project was developed together with architects Sebastião Moreira and Pedro Fael from 236 Arquitectos, Lda, and by the integration of an interior design team – Martas Decoração – during the execution project strongly contributing to the final result the main contractor is looking for.
Imomar intends to be recognized in the real estate market in Porto by their quality and building performance they have been participating in.

The building has a distinct characteristic, because it restores a linking functionality for a small indoor house in the block, which resulted into an urbanistic operation from the 50s up to the 60s from the previous century.
We highlight the surrounding area treatment solutions with optimized isolation thickness, glazed openings with exterior solar protection, and high efficiency heating systems, which contribute to the energy class A in all fractions.